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Even when you're silent, you're still communicating nonverbally.In many instances, what comes out of your mouth and what you communicate through your body language are two totally different things.It's well known that good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, be it personal or professional.It's important to recognize, though, that it's our nonverbal communication—our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice—that speak the loudest.The third edition of this highly regarded collection continues to offer students contemporary, cutting-edge research as well as classic literature on nonverbal codes and functions. Perspectives on Nonverbal Communication Skills (Brian H. Perspectives on Nonverbal Research Methods (Michael L.

These messages don't stop when you stop speaking either.

Two studies identified 21 verbal and 15 nonverbal cues that convey a woman's interest in dating a man.

Lists were compiled of 23 verbal and 18 nonverbal behaviors that seemed likely to be cues.

For nonverbal behaviors, there were three conversations per set, in which the woman used a high, medium, or low level of the cue.

In a between-subjects design, 551 male and 225 female undergraduates watched the tapes and rated the probability that the woman would accept a date with the man.