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Yet when it comes to her personal life, Washington is as much of a mystery as her character on the hit ABC series, where she plays crisis management leader Olivia Pope -- who also happens to be the love of the president of the United States' life. Washington's pretty tight-lipped when it comes to her personal drama (either Washington really hasn't dated anybody in the past five years, or she has a really, really good PR team).

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"It's especially profound in a place like South Africa.

Super-secretive-about-her-love-life actress Kerry Washington married football player Nnamdi Asomugha sometime around the end of June and the media is just now getting wind of it. Apparently Kerry and Nnamdi have been dating quietly for some time; pictures have yet to even surface of the two out on a date or attending a public event together. And then, lets talk about the reasons why BB&W, a site dedicated specifically to the self-improvement of black women and the discussion of issues related to interracial dating, is making a post about Kerry Washington’s marriage to a black man. So I think it’s fair to say that at least a little bit of the fondness goes both ways.

Nevertheless, a marriage license issued for the two has been revealed–US Weekly, among other sites, has confirmed the existence of the license. In fact, it may be that Kerry consciously chose to keep her relationship private due to all of the hoopla and hype surrounding her on-TV interracial romance on .

Several of Kerry’s previous relationships with non-black men have been well-known (the name David Moscow comes to mind) and some Scandal stans seemed to have believed that the chemistry between Kerry and her co-star Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) was less-acting-and-more-real.

Therefore, Kerry’s real life relationship with an accomplished black man may have burst the bubble of some folks who were overly invested in the idea of Kerry being with a white guy.