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We only partner with reputable companies and are constantly adding to our range of finance solutions. But rest assured that everything that we do is based around treating the customer fairly. We have numerous options when you have a poor credit history.

Using our service means you'll get more choice and the same great deals as going direct, in most cases. Representative APR 39.9% (vrbl)9.1% APRC Representative. If you need a small cash sum quickly then we have access to payday loans, instalment loans and doorstep loans.

A charged-off account is a term that the lender uses to reflect that his prospects of getting repaid are slim.

It doesn't mean that you no longer owe the debt."If you are going to contact your creditors, do it quickly," Jackey says.

"Don't wait and think the creditor is going to go away."As long as your debt hasn't already been written off, some creditors may be willing to talk about debt settlement as your account becomes more delinquent because they see it as a loss risk.

But Jackey points out that if you act early, you may have other options, such as formulating a debt management plan that lets you pay the debt in full and salvages your credit score. Find out for free at my Bankrate."In this economy, creditors are often trying to do loss aversion, where consumers and creditors work together to have a positive outcome," she says."Any settlement for which the forgiveness of debt is greater than 0 becomes a taxable event," Graves says.

Internet shopping increases the temptation to overspend, since cash or checks are rarely an option if you're online to shop.

Holiday spending is a notoreous time when consumers rack up their credit card bills.

When considering debt consolidation, it's important to consider which one of the following is the most important to you: Santander can't guarantee that these options will reduce your overall cost of borrowing.Representative example: Borrow £3,000 over 36 months. Or if all you need is an unsecured loan over a number of years then what about a personal loan, or a guarantor loan if you have had credit problems? Or perhaps you know what sum of money you need, but don't know what borrowing options exist.According the, Americans racked up just over 5 billion in retail spending on their credit and debit cards during the 2003 holiday shopping season and that doesn't include store credit cards.Spending on cards is up about 7% from last year, twice the expected growth rate.