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Yet at the beginning of the twentieth century, the near-elimination of slavery brought new forms of discrimination that removed almost all blacks from government for half a century.Manning underscores the profound influence that the African diaspora had on world history, demonstrating the inextricable link between black migration and the rise of modernity, especially in regards to the processes of industrialization and urbanization.As was the case in its westward expansion across North and West Africa, Islam took hold in the Indian Ocean through a combination of trade, military conquest, and peaceful conversion-the latter mostly done through the work of Sufis (Muslim ascetics).On May 20, 2017 we will be celebrating our 46th annual Black Family Day event on the UC Davis campus.

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Educators will be engaged in how to use the concept of Diaspora as a tool for community building and strengthening positive classroom climate, regardless of subject matter and across difference and commonalities for all students.

Participants will discuss how to have productive conversations about current events, such as police brutality and Black Lives Matters.

Additionally, participants will learn about ways to use PGAAMCC as a resource to further develop these concepts into pedagogy.

As culmination to this workshop, Art Works Now will lead an arts integrated collage and vision board activity that encourages participants to depict versions of an inclusive and culturally literate classroom environment.

Description: We want PGCPS to think of PGAAMCC as an invaluable resource to support educators, students, and parents!