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That 2.6 million represents less than 2% of all wage and salary workers. Together, these states include about 61% of the nation’s working-age (16 and over) population, according to our analysis of U. And in 12 states, the minimum wage rises automatically each year based on a cost-of-living formula.(See more about the demographics of minimum-wage workers.) Twenty-nine states, plus the District of Columbia and nearly two dozen cities and counties, have set their own higher minimums. About 20.6 million people (or 30% of all hourly, non-self-employed workers 18 and older) are “near-minimum-wage” workers.This is also alluded to in the third blessing after the Haftorah reading on Shabbat: "Blessed are you God, Shield of David." So when did the Star of David become adopted as a Jewish symbol?It is not referred to in the Bible or the Talmud, and was apparently adopted later in Jewish history.But the scam is simple: you send payment and nothing happens.How to Avoid It Even if you check the seller’s feedback and it looks overwhelmingly positive, you can never be sure that such items aren’t scams.

It’s reasonable for e Bay to make exceptions for these kinds of items.But there are still a few ways you can be taken advantage of without restitution.The Scam For most listings, the e Bay Money Back Guarantee protects you if the seller never actually ships you the item.Still by exploring some various explanations on the meaning behind the Star of David, we can appreciate deep Jewish concepts.One idea is that a six-pointed star receives form and substance from its solid center.

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