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Rarely, you see, can so many races and religions have been hurled together on such a small island with so few means of escape.Mile for mile Mauritius makes London or New York seem provincial, or at least monochrome.Last week a wing part washed up on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, and has been taken to France to for physical and chemical analysis.Already confirmed to be part of a Boeing 777, it is likely to have come from the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight, as no other such plane is known to have crashed in the area.Mauritius says it will do all it can to search its Indian Ocean waters for possible debris from Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370, after wreckage washed up on nearby La Reunion island."We have responded positively to a request from the government of Malaysia," deputy prime minister Xavier-Luc Duval said."Every effort will be undertaken to locate any debris."Coastguard ships were deployed Monday in the search, while appeals were made to private boats and fishermen to inform police if they sighted any possible wreckage, Mr Duval said.Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mauritius is a multiparty democracy governed by a prime minister, a council of ministers, and a National Assembly.

With its 110 miles of pristine coastline, it is surrounded by a deep cool lagoon, filled with a myriad of multi-coloured fish effortlessly gliding amongst the pristine coral reefs.Inland tourists will discover tropical jungle landscapes, an extinct volcano, breathtaking gorges and waterfalls.The island offers a unique blend of several different cultures – African, Indian, Oriental and European – with a strong Creole culture at the forefront.The style ranges from contemporary luxury to country house colonial decadence.All offer impeccable service, top class cuisine and fine dining and most have luxurious spas waiting to pamper, regenerate and rejuvenate.